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Midtown's New Dive Bar

Midtown gets a new light-hearted dive bar: Brace yourself for Moonshine Shooters and Boone's Farm

Sage County Midtown neon sign
Sage Counry is a dive bar concept from the folks behind Pub Fiction, Cook & Collins and other Midtown hot spots. Sage County/Facebook

The Midtown bar boom shows no signs of slowing down. An experienced operator who's made a long-term commitment to the neighborhood has just launched a new concept that aims to bring some light-hearted fun to the current mix. 

Michael Paolucci, co-owner of the Iron Cress Hospitality Group whose interests include Pub Fiction, 3rd Floor, Celtic Gardens and Cook & Collins, tells CultureMap that Sage County, his latest venture, is a light-hearted riff on a classic dive bar.

 "The decor and some of the themes and products are more of what you would find midway between Houston and Dallas at an old bar along Interstate 45." 

"After doing Cook & Collins and doing a full on restaurant, we wanted to have some fun with another bar concept," Paolucci tells CultureMap. "When the space became available next to the restaurant, we jumped on it . . . .

"The decor and some of the themes and products are more of what you would find midway between Houston and Dallas at an old bar along Interstate 45."

While Sage County has a fully-stocked bar, it's a few classic drinks that will define the concept. They include Mickey's malt liquor, bottles of Boone's Farm served with red Solo cups and specials on shots of Jack Daniels with a Natural Light chaser. In other words, all the fun things people remember drinking in college. The bar also serves infused moonshine shooters that Paolucci says have already proven to be popular in the two weeks Sage County has been open.

"Creating new concepts in Houston's best neighborhood gets tougher and tougher as you continue to add more to the portfolio," Paolucci explains. "We hope Sage adds another cool spot to go along side (our other business). 

"I love Midtown. I will always do my part to keep it fresh, hip and big city!"

Sage County is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. with a nightly DJ.

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