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Imported punch: A Dallas Tex-Mex chain opens in Midtown and the margaritas are killers

Gloria's, Chips and Salsa, June 2012
Chips and salsa and refried beans set the stage at Gloria's in midtown. Photo by Sarah Rufca

Tex-Mex invaders: Many have tried to make a dent in the Houston market, but few have succeeded. Now it's Gloria's turn to try.

The popular Dallas chain opened its first Houston location in midtown on Wednesday, revamping the former Ruby Tequila's space with a huge bar area and more upscale furnishings, including the pillow-bedecked banquettes that wrap the dining room.

I haven't had a chance to check out much of the menu, but I did make a couple happy hour observations. Number one: These margaritas are not messing around.

Also nice: Gloria's serves refried black beans standard along with the chips and salsa. That means you can order a small queso for $3.50 and make your own bean and cheese nachos — sort of like the Chuy's happy hour nacho bar, but classier.

Have you been to Gloria's yet? What do you think?

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