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Wine pairings are so passe: Triniti makes dinner special again with music pairings, conductor included

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Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
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Mercury Baroque musicians Photo by George Hixson
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Mercury Baroque Photo by George Hixson
News_Ruthie_where to eat right now_Triniti_Chef's Table
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Events_Mercury Baroque_Jan 10
News_Nancy_recordings_Mercury Baroque

I've seen wine pairings, beer pairings and even chocolate pairings. Now Triniti has announced perhaps the first-ever dinner with a musical pairing.

Triniti is partnering with Mercury (formerly Mercury Baroque) to choreograph an eight-course dinner and wine tasting menu with music from the 15-person orchestra ensemble, under the direction of maestro Antoine Plante.

 "The task is to select musical pieces that will address the nuances of each dish." 

The combination of inspirations should be interesting, especially as Triniti, under the helm of chef/owner Ryan Hildebrand, pays much attention to the multi-sensory experience of food, particularly pace and presentation. Marrying that with selections from Handel and Vivaldi (among others) to convey mood should be thought provoking.

"It's interesting and also challenging," Plante said in a statement. "The task is to select musical pieces that will address the nuances of each dish, whether it calls for contrasting themes to address different flavors, something with weight and drama for a heartier dish, or a slow lyrical melody for something sweet.

"If the course is crisp and clean, the music will reflect that too."

The dinner will take place on June 10, and 40 percent of the $220 tickets will benefit Mercury. Hildebrand says that he hopes to create similar collaborations to debut each new seasonal menu with this being summer.

It should certainly take the concept of "a little dinner music" to the next level.

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