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Best Burgers In Houston

The best burgers in Houston can be had for a deal: Great gourmet hamburger finds

hamburger Etoile house-ground burger
Enjoy Étoile's mouthwatering burger at the bar or on the patio during the restaurant's social hour from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Sunday through Friday each week of May. Photo by Debora Smail/RealityPhotography
hamburger burger Del Frisco's Grille onion rings
Del Frisco's Grille is celebrating the entire month of May with a "Triple B" barbecue burger seasoned with former NFL quarterback Dan Pastorini's Texas-style hickory rub and served with a side of Chef Jeff's signature cast-iron baked beans.  Photo courtesy of Del Frisco's Grille
hamburger burger BRC Pub Burger with french fries
BRC Gastropub's Pub Burger: An 8-ounce hamburger with a Challah Bun from Kraftsmen Bakery, BRC special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and cheddar cheese Photo courtesy of BRC Gastropub
hamburger burger Mockingbird Bistro
The bar menu burger at Mockingbird Bistro. Order it with or without bleu cheese, your choice. Photo by Paula Murphy
hamburger burger Smashburger Saint Arnold beer
Smashburger recently teamed up with Saint Arnold to reinvigorate the classic American beer and burger pairing. Photo by Melissa Kuo
hamburger burger Sparrow
Monica Pope at Sparrow shares her interpretation of the classic burger by offering guests the opportunity to build their own burger wtih this really cool presentation of condiments and veggies. Photo by Debora Smail/RealityPhotography
hamburger burger The Counter miniburgers with beer
Every Thursday, The Counter features four premium miniburgers matched with a flight of four Southern Star beers. Photo by Debora Smail/RealityPhotography
hamburger Etoile house-ground burger
hamburger burger Del Frisco's Grille onion rings
hamburger burger BRC Pub Burger with french fries
hamburger burger Mockingbird Bistro
hamburger burger Smashburger Saint Arnold beer
hamburger burger Sparrow
hamburger burger The Counter miniburgers with beer
Jodie Eisenhardt, head shot, column mug, January 2013

May is National Burger Month — as if we need an excuse to love burgers more than usual. The average person eats 43 hamburgers a year (wait, was somebody spying on me to verify that stat?!)

Realizing that any talk of “best burgers” can easily incite passionate debate at levels unheard of since last November, take heed in the fact that this list just highlights a few that fall into the category of what I have determined to be great burgers that are also great burger deals. And what’s better than that?

One of my very favorite burger deals is at Fleming's during its "5-6-7" happy hour because the restaurant offers five choices of cocktails, wines and apps for $6 until 7 p.m. daily, including the burger. It’s a seriously juicy and flavorful eight-ounce prime sirloin patty seasoned simply with salt and pepper, served on a brioche bun and topped with spiced bacon and your choice of cheese, lettuce and tomato plus a side of hand-cut fries.

 The average person eats 43 hamburgers a year. 

It's a major steal for $6 during happy hour ($14 the rest of the time) considering the quality of every single component. You also can order it medium rare without any grief from anyone and it arrives perfectly cooked every time.

Another fave deal is the M Bistro Burger at Mockingbird Bistro from the Bar menu.  Eight ounces of fantastic cooked-to-order beef,  ground in-house and served with bacon-onion marmalade (hell yes), and stilton blue cheese if you'd like, on a very nice onion bun — with a side of some seriously perfect frites. Plus I love sitting at the bar at Mockingbird. Great service and a terrific cocktail and by the glass wine list to complement the bar bites.

BRC GastroPub has one of Houston’s best burger deals with its BRC Pub Burger special on Mondays. Eight ounces of ground in-house and cooked to order beef served on a Challah bun from Kraftsmen Bakery. It’s topped with BRC special sauce, lettuce, tomato, insanely good bacon and a thick slice of melting cheddar along with some top-notch fries for just $8 all day/all night.

After 2:30 p.m., all draft beers are $3 on Mondays, too (even the ones that would usually cost $15) so it becomes an even bigger, better deal. Did I mention the dog-friendly patio?

Cozy French eatery Etoile in Uptown Park recently launched its “Social Hour” menu including a version of the restaurant's delicious burger featuring beef that is ground in house, served on a housemade brioche bun and topped with roasted tomatoes and Swiss cheese, plus pommes frites, for just $7 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sunday thru Friday at the bar or on the fun patio.

Do yourself a favor and add crispy frites for just $3 more and enjoy any number of great wine and cocktail offerings from the mixologist Jason LaBove.

And now, some “Burger Month Only” specials:

Del Frisco’s Grille has emerged with a dangerously legitimate burger in its own right, and for the month of May, chef Jeff Taylor takes it up a notch with the “Triple B Burger” — a BBQ burger made with two prime brisket patties seasoned with Dan Pastorini’s Texas-style hickory rub, smoked gouda cheese, housemade BBQ sauce, fried onions and candied jalapeno chips on a toasted Challah bun that costs $17.

The real bonus? The burger comes with a side of Taylor’s notorious cast-iron baked beans: Slow- cooked red beans made with  brown sugar, molasses, caramelized onions, smoked granny smith apples and de-glazed with Shiner Bock and chipotles. They’re no joke. Taylor's nickname isn’t “Beans” for nothing.

Triniti Restaurant commemorates by offering a different burger each week during May, available during lunch and happy hour. This week, enjoy the “Burger Punks” — a selection of Greek, Italian, Southwestern and Patty Melt sliders ($12). Try the Sloppy Joe Burger ($12) in the month's third week, and go all out in week four with the Sea and Farm Burger, with lobster and foie gras ($39).

Chef Olivier Ciesielski has added a decadent Surf ‘N Turf burger to his French menu at L’Olivier for the remainder of May. It features Akaushi beef, lobster medallions, caramelized onions and saffron mayonnaise ($36).

Monica  Pope offers her interpretation of the classic burger this month at Sparrow where she offers guests the opportunity to build their own burger, selecting from a very cool presentation of condiments, vegetables and cheeses ($15).

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