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The Ice House Cometh: New owners plan to give another Houston dive bar a makeover

Something strange is happening to Houston's dive bars. Moon Tower Inn is going green, Lola's Depot has Karbach on tap and now the D & T Drive Inn is getting a Down House makeover.

As first reported by Nikki Metzgar, Down House owners Chris Cusack and Joey Treadway have purchased the 1965-era Heights ice bar and plan to turn it into a low-key, outdoor destination by July.

The beers on offer will include no-fuss brews like Lone Star, Pearl and Schlitz, plus 50 or so craft beers on tap, many from Texas breweries.

“We’re going for a really traditional Texas feel without being hokey,” Cusack told Metzgar. That includes creating a wood-slab bar from the 65-year-old tree that was growing into the building's foundation as well as some 1940s-era memorabilia that Cusack found at a local antique store.

Are you a fan of the D & T? What's your favorite ice house in Houston?

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