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Houston craft beer bonus: A new limited edition beer with a sweet backstory is released

Houston craft beer bonus: A new lmited edition beer is released

Saint Arnold Amarillo Hefe beer logo April 2013
Icon Green will be available at bars, restaurants and retailers in Texas and Louisiana later this week.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is set to release the next offering in its seasonal Icon series: The Icon Green, an Amarillo hefeweizen made with two-row barley, wheat, Vienna and Cara-Munich malts, that was inspired by brewer Sam Wright's custom-concocted wedding gift for his sister and her husband. 

"My sister asked for a special beer so I worked on bringing together the esters and phenolics of the hefeweizen yeast with the unique piney and citrus notes of the Amarillo hops," Wright explained.

Saint Arnold founder and brewer Brock Wagner described the brew as a "refreshing summer beer for Texas and Louisiana," where the Icon Green will be available on-tap and in four-pack bottles later this week. This replaces the Icon Blue, a Cascadian Dark Ale. Up next? A Bohemian Pils, scheduled for release in September. 

Though the Icon series isn't quite so limited (nor quite as potent) as the Divine Reserve, the brews are produced in limited quantities and are available until they aren't. In the past, Wagner told CultureMap that the seasonal offerings, which first launched in mid-December 2012, could return each year "depending on how much we want to drink them again."