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The most decadent fries in Houston: You'll need a bib for this restaurant's great drunk dish

The most decadent fries in Houston: You need a bib for this drunk dish

What do you crave after a reckless alcohol binge on Washington Avenue, the kind where you took a combo rufi-cum-ecstasy hallucinogen cocktail that inspired an all-night gang bang with a visiting collegiate football team and its mascot?

If it's before 2 a.m., we have just the dish for you.

Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar's food may be wishy washy. Its menu options tend to disappear as quickly as a prom dress. But when chef Rishi Singh's bill of fare dominated by burgers was replaced with imaginative pizzas, one nasty — meaning finger licking good — item stuck around.

Behold the Vietnamese-inspired fries.

The dish may seem pricey at $10 per order, although the generous deep-fried love piled atop a tray is a fiesta for your taste buds — and your companion's. There's enough here to share. The fries themselves aren't anything to write home about. They appear to be the frozen variety, the kind typically ordered in boxes and packaged in plastic bags that have a shelf life of god knows how long. But they are satisfyingly crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside.

The icing on the cake is the combination of accouterments that adorn the golden potatoes: Sweet and pungent Hoisin sauce, spicy Sriracha, creamy aioli, fresh cilantro leaves and roasted peanuts. A healthy portion of dipping sauce adds to the interactive fun.

Tip: Bring a bib.