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Waging war on plastic and paper cups: Company with a Houston tie offers a plant cup alternative

News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012
Repurpose Compostable cutlery and cold cups will be available on April 22.  Courtesy of Repurpose Compostables
News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012_Corey Scholibo
Corey Scholibo attended St. Mark's and Episcopal High School before going to college at USC. Courtesy of Repurpose Compostables
News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012
Scholibo says that Repurpose Compostable coffee cups are a great option for consumers, whether "living green" is a priority or not.  Courtesy of Repurpose Compostables
News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012
News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012_Corey Scholibo
News_Repurpose Compostables_April 2012

Want the ease of disposable dishes, minus the guilt and the petroleum? Repurpose Compostables offers an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups and cutlery with cups made out of plants.

Lauren Gropper noticed the exorbitant waste produced while working on film sets in Los Angeles, and formed the company in 2009, along with Houston-native Corey Scholibo, who stepped in as co-founder and chief marketing officer. 

"When you walk into a Target, paper and plastic are the only two options," Scholibo tells CultureMap.

 "Green living is only limited by your own volition," Scholibo says. 

Just as the demand has grown in recent years for BPA-free products, gluten-free options and green cleaning supplies, Scholibo says, so has the interest in petroleum-free, biodegradable food and drink packaging — especially within the retail industry. 

The Repurpose insulated hot cup has been well-received since its debut at Bed Bath & Beyond, Abe's Market and other retail locations last year, and Houston has been one of the company's best markets. A pack of 12 cups with lids costs just $4.99 and, according to Scholibo, offers a premium product with a great look and feel, in addition to "unbeatable" heat retention. 

And, since it is made from plants, it breaks down in an industrial compost setting — something that can't be said of the traditional Styrofoam coffee cup

"Green living is only limited by your own volition," says Scholibo, who suggests that consumers diligent about making a difference find a local industrial composter.

Repurpose will launch its line of durable, compostable cold cups and cutlery at Abe's Market on Sunday, in celebration of Earth Day.

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