Ice Cream Comeback

Blue Bell is back: Houston grocery chain returns the beloved ice cream to its shelves amid listeria furor

Blue Bell is back: Houston grocery chain returns the beloved ice cream

Blue Bell at H-E-B
A sign at H-E-B's Montrose Market advises consumers that Blue Bell produced at the company's Brenham plant is back on store shelves.  Photo by Eric Sandler
Blue Bell Ice Cream Milk & Cookies
Blue Bell Ice Cream has returned to store shelves.  Photo courtesy of Blue Bell Ice Cream
Blue Bell at H-E-B
Blue Bell Ice Cream Milk & Cookies

When grocery giant H-E-B announced on April 4 that it had removed Texas favorite Blue Bell Ice Cream products from its stores, the company also committed that it would "replenish our shelves with new product as soon as feasible." Turns out "as soon as feasible" was Monday, as the company announced Blue Bell is back.


We have great news – Blue Bell is back! We are restocking our shelves with newly received Blue Bell products! Blue Bell...

Posted by H-E-B on Monday, April 13, 2015

H-E-B and other grocery store chains like Walmart and Kroger pulled Blue Bell made at the company's plant in Broken Arrow, OK after the deaths of three people in Kansas were linked to eating ice cream made at the plant that had been tainted by listeria. Blue Bell voluntarily recalled all ice cream made at the plant, whether or not it had been linked to the outbreak.

It was Blue Bell's first recall in its 108-year history.

On Monday evening, a sign posted in the ice cream section of H-E-B's Montrose Market advised consumers that all ice cream had been made at the company's headquarters in Brenham, which was not affected by the listeria outbreak. 

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