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Gourmet Grocery Stores Close

Another gourmet grocery store suddenly goes out of business: Is price all that matters with Houston food?

Fiesta Market Place in Sugar Land
Fiesta Market Place will close April 20.  Fiesta Market Place/Facebook

Is surprise closures the hottest trend in Houston grocery stores? It's certainly seems to be the case as Grocers Supply is shutting down its Sugar Land Fiesta Market Place, the company's attempt at an upscale version of its local grocery chain on April 20. The store has only been open nine months.

As with similar decisions by Hubbell & Hudson to close its market in The Woodlands and The Fresh Market to abandon its attempt to compete head to head with Central Market in River Oaks, management cited poor performance as the primary reason for the decision. 

"The store is closing because it didn’t meet expectations," David de Kantes, director of business development for Fiesta Mart Inc., told the Houston Business Journal. 

When Fiesta Market Place opened last July, the store hopes that the presence of specialty elements like Red Mango frozen yogurt and Caribou Coffee would help the former Gerland's compete against the likes of H-E-B and Kroger, but customer complaints about higher than expected prices seem to have contributed to its downfall. 

Can a new grocery store break into Houston, or are people too set in their ways? Sound off in the comments. 

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