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MF Sushi Returns

Fire-damaged sushi spot with "Magic Fingers" chef sets reopening date in spiffed-up surroundings

Chris of MF Sushi with knives
According to his brother, Chris Kinjo will be "a monster" when he returns to the kitchen next month. MF Sushi/Facebook
MF Sushi Reopening Date April 20
MF Sushi plans to re-open by April 20. MF Sushi/Facebook
Chris of MF Sushi with knives
MF Sushi Reopening Date April 20

Houston sushi fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of MF Sushi since a fire damaged the restaurant in September. Now the restaurant has a finally announced on Facebook that it plans to reopen April 20. 

MF Sushi opened quietly in December 2012, but its reputation grew quickly thanks to the talents of chef Chris "Magic Fingers" Kinjo. The restaurant became a must-visit destination thanks to Kinjo's skill at creating omakase tasting menus based on fresh ingredients, including fish flown to Houston from Tokyo's Tsukiji market.  

 "When he comes back, he's going to be a monster . . . He cannot wait to show Houston what he's all about."   

Kinjo's brother Alex tells CultureMap that the rest has done the chef good. "When he comes back, he's going to be a monster . . . He cannot wait to show Houston what he's all about."  

Alex cites problems with a contractor for the delay in reopening, but says they've hired the same company that built Katsuya and put the project back on schedule.

"We ripped down the whole restaurant," Kinjo explains. Only the sushi bar and the small alcohol bar will remain, but the rest of the interior has been transformed. Kinjo adds that the new space will feel "cozier" than the original thanks to a double banquette in the middle of the dining room and new seating throughout. 

The Kinjo brothers are also working to open a new restaurant in Atlanta, where Kinjo previously earned national recognition for his work at MF Buckhead, but Alex says that Chris will spend the majority of his time in Houston.

"This is our town," he says. 

Follow the progress on Facebook for updates and get ready to make a reservation. A fired-up, motivated Chris Kinjo will be a sight to see. 

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