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Mudbug Ambassador: Brennan's chef boiling crawfish with Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda on Today

It's hard for us Gulf Coasters to fathom, but not everyone in America celebrates early spring with giant pots of messy, delicious crawfish.

Luckily we have Brennan's of Houston executive chef Danny Trace serving as our mudbug ambassador. Trace will be making an appearance on NBC's Today on Tuesday, making some crawfish dishes for fourth-hour hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

And of course, since Kathie Lee and Hoda have been working tirelessly to make 10 a.m. the new cocktail hour, Trace will also be sharing a Brennan's cocktail recipe with them.

I'm sure the cocktails will go down smoothly, but as crawfish are different, funny looking and, you know, awesome, I have a feeling we will be adding them to the list of cool things Kathie Lee does not like. Also on the list: Geoducks, "Black and Yellow" and Joel McHale.

Will you be watching Danny?

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