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It's wine time: Travel + Leisure names a Houston spot one of America's best wine bars

Everything's bigger in Texas — even the wine glasses.

Travel + Leisure has compiled the 25 best wine bars in America in the March 2012 issue, and a Houston institution made the list.

Sonoma, with locations in Upper Kirby and The Heights, stood out for its huge selection of wines by the glass — there are more than 80 — as well as its generous "seven-and-a-half-ounce" pours.

"No customer leaves feeling slighted by quantity, and the quality of wine is superb as well," the magazine writes. Travel + Leisure also recommends Sonoma's thin crust pizza, and we're partial to Sonoma's fireplace when it's cold outside.

Houston-based Max's Wine Dive also got a mention for the Austin location, with T+L digging the casual vibe and retail pricing.

What's your favorite wine bar in Houston?

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