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Grossest Rodeo food ever? Watch someone munch on insect pizza — and enjoy (sort of) worms

CultureMap Moment mealworm scorpion cricket pizza Rodeo
Think you're ready to try a cricket, mealworm and scorpion pizza at the Rodeo? Courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11

As we all know, taking a trip to RodeoHouston means encountering an astonishing (and dangerous) number of tasty treats. With so many options, who knows where to go?

Well, for this week's CultureMap Moment, Lily Jang of KHOU Ch. 11 and CultureMap's own Eric Sandler give you the rundown of the Rodeo's food stands.

Want something less traditional? Try the perogies — or potato dumplings — on a stick from Polish restaurant Polonia's new stand at the Houston Rodeo.

Looking for the fairground favorite of fried anything? At Fried What!, you can find everything from the more traditional fried Oreos to the seasonal treat of fried marshmallow Peeps. Check out the fried pecan pie — new to the stand this year — for a delicious and gooey indulgence.

Feeling really adventurous?

Head to Swain's Pizza on a Stick and order the mealworm, cricket and scorpion pizza, which Sandler describes as "crunchy." Yes, he ate it on camera.

Don't feel like eating bugs for dinner? Well, there's always the classic pizza on a stick for the faint of heart. 

So before you head on down to RodeoHouston, be sure to watch this week's CultureMap Moment.

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