Bill Clinton's Houston Night

A Houston billionaire, Bill Clinton & an astronaut enjoy a special night in Vegas: Hometown chef flown in

A Houston billionaire and Bill Clinton enjoy special meal in Las Vegas

Tilman Fertitta, Gabrielle Giffords, Bill Clinton and Mark Kelly February 2014
Tilman Fertitta, from left, Gabrielle Giffords, Bill Clinton and Mark Kelly enjoyed a vegan meal prepared by Vic & Anthony's concept chef Carlos Rodriguez on Monday night.  Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino/Facebook

Sometimes on Twitter, the scroll moves so fast it's easy to miss when something important happens. However, this tweet from Vic & Anthony's concept chef Carlos Rodriguez immediately deserved attention.



What sort of VIP could impress Rodriguez enough that he'd tweet about it? More importantly, who would be an important enough vegan to justify flying the chef from Houston to Las Vegas for one meal? After all, Vic & Anthony's routinely hosts professional athletes and other celebrities, even once famously turning away Paula Deen and her husband Michael when he attempted to violate the restaurant's dress code by wearing shorts in the dining room.

Casino owner Steve Wynn is a vegan who might have merited such special treatment, but Rodriguez hinted at someone even higher profile with this tweet.



A famous vegan with a security detail? There can be only one. Former president Bill Clinton, who adopted a vegan lifestyle after enduring heart surgery, was Rodriguez's VIP, along with former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, and Landry's, Inc. owner (and major Democratic Party donor billionaire) Tilman Fertitta. The three celebrities were in Vegas as part of Landry's annual Leadership Conference, which brings together vendors and employees from around the world. 

On the menu, Rodriguez served the foursome kale and quinoa salad, gnocchi and snacks. "No fake meat," he assured his followers.

Afterwards, the chef summarized the experience.