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In the event of apocalypse, Time magazine recommends a Houston restaurant for your last supper

News_Time magazine_Jan. 9, 2012_cover
Time's "User Guide: Essential Info for the Year Ahead" Courtesy of Time
"The Last Party" flow chart Photo via UnderbellyHouston/Twitter
Underbelly as the place to eat on your last day on earth  Photo via UnderbellyHouston/Twitter
News_Time magazine_Jan. 9, 2012_cover
News_Janice Schindeler_Best of Decade Food_Chris Shepard_Catalan_chef

Thank God the world hasn't ended in the past two weeks or we might have missed a great Houston shout-out in Time.

In the Jan. 9 issue, the magazine offers readers a decision flowchart (how trendy of them) to figure out how to spend time before the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012, as predicted by the Mayans.

In addition to options like a $1 million survival condo in Kansas, scuba-diving Bahamas blue holes and praying at Italy's Monastero Santa Rosa, a former monastery that's been turned into a luxury hotel and spa, Time suggests taking in a meal at Underbelly, the forthcoming restaurant from chef Chris Shepherd.

Referencing Shepherd's famous pork belly at Catalan, Time advises "no worries about clogging your arteries on your last day on earth."

We can't help but agree. Let's hope Shepherd is ready to open sometime before Armageddon.

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