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Longtime Montrose restaurant takes a break to remodel: Will frozen Cosmos return soon?

Mo Mong restaurant Houston
Hopefully it reopens soon. Where will people go for a Wednesday night party? Google Maps
Mo Mong restaurant Houston
The decor is looking a little dated.  Google Maps
Mo Mong restaurant Houston
Mo Mong has closed to remodel.  Google Maps
Mo Mong restaurant Houston
Mo Mong restaurant Houston
Mo Mong restaurant Houston

Pan-Asian restaurant Mo Mong announced on its Facebook page that it has closed beginning Jan. 1 to remodel. The long-time Montrose staple has been a Wednesday night destination for years, when neighborhood residents pack in for frozen Cosmopolitans and $3 martinis. 

Sometimes "remodel" means "closed forever," but hopefully the announcement's upbeat tone indicates a quick turnaround. There's no denying the decor does feel a little dated after all these years, but as long the menu's better elements, like the signature duck spring rolls and various tofu dishes, remain, the restaurant should reopen to continued success. 

CultureMap has reached out to Mo Mong's for comment about the changes and will update this article when they respond. 

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