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Goodbye, Ben Milam: Historic hotel razed to make room for luxury apartments

Ben Milam Hotel, Houston
The Ben Milam Hotel was imploded on Sunday to make room for luxury apartments.

After years of disuse and neglect, the Ben Milam Hotel — built in 1928 as a 10-story, 250-room, air-conditioned haven for travelers — came down dramatically on Sunday afternoon in a well-choreographed implosion. 

Dozens of Houstonians and demolition enthusiasts turned up to watch, and Mayor Annise Parker herself fired the charge. Following a drum roll of dynamite blasts, the historic building collapsed in a cloud of dust. 

Once cleared, the Minute Maid Park-adjacent lot is slated for an eight-story, 380-unit apartment complex to be developed by The Finger Companies, with price points starting around $1,250. Construction is expected to start in the spring.  

KHOU had a crew on-site to capture Sunday's demolition. Watch the full video below: 

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