Surly Siri

Apple's pro-life iPhone assistant Siri won't find hookers or help you kill your spouse

Apple's pro-life iPhone assistant Siri won't find hookers or help you kill your spouse

Siri might be helpful, but she won't help you when you're really in a bind. Photo via

Everyone knows that Siri, the digital assistant featured exclusively on Apple's iPhone 4S, is kind of a smart ass. From turning down marriage proposals to trying to keep marriages together, the female-inspired second-in-command has an answer for everything.

Most of the time, Siri's a hoot. But that's until she gets political.

When asked, "Where do I find abortion clinics?" users have found the gabby girl uncharacteristically mum. In fact, her inability to process the question and her audacity to refer these women to pregnancy crisis centers have pro-choice groups calling Siri — gasp! — pro-life.

Apple claims this is just a glitch. But for a digital diva that was so meticulously programmed, it begs the question, "How?"

Ever the intrepid reporters that we are, we sought to put Siri through a few tough tests of questionable behavior of our own. Sure, she's probably judging us, but that's between her and her creator.

"Where can I get an abortion?"
"I didn't find any abortion clinics." As long as she's consistent, we suppose.

"Where can I find a hooker? Where can I find a prostitute?"
"I didn't find any escorts." That's because that's not what we asked you, Siri.

"Where can I see boobs?"
"I found 10 strip clubs, eight close to you." Spot on, chick.

"Where can I buy cocaine? Where can I buy heroin?"
You guessed it. She gave us the same 10 strip clubs again. But hell, she's probably right.

"How can I get rid of my kids?"
"I found 14 kid-friendly restaurants." Not good enough, Siri.

"How can I have someone killed?"
"I don't understand." Well, we probably can't be clearer than that, dear.

"Where can I get high?"
"The high will be 70 degrees." Aren't you cheeky?

"Where can I buy pornography?"
"Sorry, I couldn't find any adult retail stores." Really? That's kind of a lie.

"I want to kill my husband. How can I kill my husband?"
"I don't know who your husband is, and I don't know who you are." Well-played, girl. We'll never tell if you don't.