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Five must-follow Instagram accounts: For food, fashion and Texas

Food in the air Instagram account
@Foodintheair will be sure to leave you hungry. Instagram/foodintheair
@earthpix never fails to impress from places all around the world.  Instagram/earthpix
If need some fashion advice @fashionclimaxx2 is the perfect Instagram account to find some great ideas that will impress you. Instagram.fashionclimaxx2
Next time your contemplating going to the gym, look at @befitphotos for a little inspiration.   Instagram/befitphotos
Texas is a beautiful state so why not check out all it has to offer on @instagramtexas. Instagram/instagramtexas
Food in the air Instagram account

With so many different Instagram accounts out there, it’s hard to know which ones to follow. Whether you enjoy food, fashion, travel, fitness or just all things Texas, there’s an Instagram out there for everyone.

These five are perfect if you need inspiration and motivation in your life (oh, and they only feature jaw-dropping photographs).  

1. @Foodintheair

Do you enjoy staring at mouth-watering food? If your answer to this question is yes, then this Instagram account delivers.

From a homemade waffle lathered in Nutella in the French Riviera to lobster bisque with a glass of rosé in Montauk, this account features just about every delicious food item you could possibly imagine. Plus the scenery in the background is absolutely breathtaking.

2. @earthpix

From a picture of the white sandy beaches in Bora Bora to emperor penguins waddling around in Antarctica, these unbelievable scenic pictures will be sure to take your breath away. The spectacular photographs almost make you feel like you've traveled all around the world.

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Look at these pictures and imagine yourself lying on the beach.

3. @fashionclimaxx2

 If you love clothes, makeup or jewelry, this Instagram is perfect for you. Whether you need ideas for your next shopping trip or you just want to admire the latest fashion trends, turn here for the best of the best. From watches to nail polish to dresses, this Instagram will always satisfy your fashion needs. 

4. @befitphotos

We have all sat on our couch (at least once) and made excuses as to why we couldn't go to the gym that day. So next time you're sitting on your couch curled up in a blanket with a bag of popcorn, you can look at @befitphotos and get the motivation you need for that gym trip.

This Instagram account is great for inspirational quotes, lists of different exercises to break up any boring routine and pictures of beautiful fit people.

5. @instagramtexas

Do you love Texas? Well this Instagram is not only a great for unique looks at the beautiful state, but also for tagging your own Lone Star State photos. Whether it's downtown Houston or a Hill Country look, it's all here. 

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