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Where is taco? The new emoji list is really, really missing these supreme icons

fingers crossed
Think about how many different ways you could use this emoji.
Skeeter's Mesquite Grill crispy taco
Sushi, spaghetti and pizza. What about the taco? (Pictured: Skeeter's Mesquite Grill crispy taco). Photo by Kim Coffman
Love's in Fashion VIP at Katsuya, February 2013, Champagne at Katsuya
Whenever you want to celebrate, champagne is the perfect emoji to share with your friends. Photo by Daniel Ortiz
fried bacon closeup
A bacon emoji would be sizzling. Photo by Thomas Chappell/Flickr
News_placeholder_rodeo_cowboy_hat_red background
Texas dream emoji. Courtesy photo
fingers crossed
Skeeter's Mesquite Grill crispy taco
Love's in Fashion VIP at Katsuya, February 2013, Champagne at Katsuya
fried bacon closeup
News_placeholder_rodeo_cowboy_hat_red background

Remember texting your friend and longing for that perfect emoji that just wasn't there? Even with the 250 new emoji that were added Tuesday, a few essentials were overlooked. These are the ones we miss the most:

1. Taco — Sushi, spaghetti and pizza, but no taco? Just about everyone in Texas would like to know why there is no taco emoji. How else can Tex-Mex food lovers share their obsession with their friends?

2. Champagne — For those special celebrations, this emoji would be the perfect addition. We'll drink to that.

3. Cowboy hat — Every Texas native knows that a Stetson is an essential part of a western outfit. This accessory is a crucial emoji for the rodeo.

4. Bacon —This sizzling breakfast staple is what the food emoji section needs.

5. Fingers crossed —Whether you’re nervous about an upcoming job interview or hopeful that Team USA will win Sunday's game, this emoji would be just right for sending a hopeful message.

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