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Fashion Truck Shakes Up Shopping

New fashion truck puts shopping on wheels: Houston jumps into an LA trend with mother-daughter team

Andrea and truck
Punch Drunk Fashion Truck, a mobile boutique, is owned and operated by League City resident Andrea Kennedy. Photo by Elizabeth Rhodes
Interior 4
The fashion truck carries anything a girl could want, from dresses and tops to workout wear and accessories. Photo by Elizabeth Rhodes
Interior 5
Kennedy finds the unique clothes sold at her mobile boutique by going to marketplaces in Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta. Photo by Elizabeth Rhodes
Andrea and truck 2
Kennedy stands proudly in front of her mobile boutique. Photo by Elizabeth Rhodes
Interior 3
With brands from across the nation, you're sure to find something you'll love at Punch Drunk Fashion Truck. Photo by Elizabeth Rhodes
Andrea and truck
Interior 4
Interior 5
Andrea and truck 2
Interior 3
Gypsy Market at Klein Center
Get Directions - 7500 FM 2920 Spring

League City resident Andrea Kennedy knows that the only thing better than going shopping is having the shopping brought right to you. With her recently launched mobile boutique, Punch Drunk Fashion Truck, Kennedy wants to spread her sense of style and she doesn't need a store front to do it.

Her mobile boutique — basically fashion's version of a food truck — is even better than it sounds. Proud of the pieces she handpicks from marketplaces in Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta, Kennedy chooses the clothes based on important (and sensible) criteria.

"When my [16-year-old] daughter and I choose merchandise, we ask ourselves, 'Would we wear this and would we spend our hard earned money on it?' " Kennedy says. "If both of us do not answer 'Yes' to both questions, then we pass on carrying that line or style."

 "Our goal is to be your go-to boutique when you want something different." 

Not only that, but Kennedy carries unique merchandise that other vendors simply don't have.

"We love to shop and love to dress well, so after becoming so frustrated with seeing the same exact styles and trends at the mall and every boutique in town, we decided to start our own boutique," Kennedy says. "Our goal is to be your go-to boutique when you want something different."

The mobile boutique maven found inspiration a few years ago when she saw a number of fashion trucks in LA and San Diego.

"We always wanted to do a store, but you're tied down with the store," Kennedy says. "With the truck, you can pick and choose what you want to do."

Truck Troubles

After putting together a business model and design for the truck, finding the right vehicle proved to be more difficult than expected. Kennedy and her daughter McKenna wanted to make the truck feel like "something that was really chic, but fun." The interior is stunning, fitted with shelves and racks and even features a tiled floor (you would never recognize the vehicle from its so-called "horrible" original state).

Kennedy, well aware that she isn't the only mobile boutique in town, says she did her research before launching a truck of her own.

 The new truck's tagline says it all: "Life's too short to wear boring clothes!" 

"Well, you know there are a few other fashion trucks in Houston, and what I like about ours — and theirs — is that they're all different," Kennedy says. "I researched before I even started the process, to make sure we weren't just another one coming in. There were two, maybe three, at the time.

"All different, especially from the clothing we had planned to carry. My goal is to do more events, private parties, 'girls night out' type of things."

Punch Drunk Fashion Truck stocks a number of exclusive lines, including those worn by some of your favorite celebs. For a "California vibe," Kennedy suggests brands Gypsy Junkies, Blue Life and Karen Zambos. If you're looking for something edgier, she recommends Religion UK and upcoming brand Buddhist Punk. The mobile boutique also stocks retro concert T-shirts, accessories and even stylish but comfy workout wear.

If you're dying to see the beautifully re-purposed truck and Kennedy's unique hand-selected pieces, the mobile boutique will appear at the Gypsy Market in Spring on Feb. 27, 28 and March 1. Several future events are in store — all of which will be posted on Punch Truck's website.

The new truck's tagline says it all: "Life's too short to wear boring clothes!"

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