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Las Vegas can't get enough of Houston's favorite ice cream: Blue Bell becoming a Sin City fixture

Blue Bell ice cream banana pudding scoop
Blue Bell's Texas ice cream is famous (and enviable) throughout the United States.
Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada stadium crowd and race cars
Blue Bell Ice Cream has unveiled plans for a distribution center near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada.
Blue Bell ice cream banana pudding scoop
Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada stadium crowd and race cars

Apparent demand has led Las Vegas to be the newest market for Brenham's specialty: Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Starting March 3, Vegas residents will be able to buy the tasty frozen treats Texans know and love. The Blue Bell will be driven to grocery stores from a new 12,000 square foot distribution facility near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The facility is creating 14 jobs in the area, from working in the office, warehouse or at the loading docks.

The creamery will be offering the same flavors in Nevada that are offered in Texas.

"We look at consumer demand and grocer relations to make the decision of where to go next," said Kaysie Noska, a public relations and market specialist with Blue Bell. Nevada becomes the 23rd state Blue Bell sells ice cream in.

The legendary Brenham creamery has been producing delicious ice cream since 1907 and now offers more than 50 year-round and seasonal flavors.

The expansion doesn't really come as too much of a surprise. I mean, let's be honest: Who doesn't want a bowl of Homemade Vanilla?

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