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Smart Energy Car of the Year: Ford Fusion Hybrid is fun to drive and best-looking hybrid on the road

Smart Energy Car of the Year: Ford Fusion Hybrid is fun to drive and best-looking hybrid on the road

COTY Ford Fusion Hybrid
2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid - CultureMap 2012 Green Car of the Year Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company
COTY runner up Infiniti
2012 Infiniti M-Hybrid - Runner-up CultureMap 2012 Green Car of the Year Photo by Kevin McCauley
COTY Ford Fusion Hybrid
COTY runner up Infiniti

Editor's Note: In the first annual CultureMap Auto Awards, automotive writers Nic Philllps and Kevin McCauley bestow honors in 10 categories for the top 2012 cars and trucks and explain why they're deserving of a good hard look. Our third award:

Smart Energy Car of the Year: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Aston Martin-ainspired styling, driving dynamics to match, interior design and materials with a European look and feel, claimed 47/47/47-mpg and a gas pedal in a hybrid that when floored emotes driving passion without sounding like it may explode at any second — the 2013 Ford Fusion is a game changer.

It almost doesn't matter that some are challenging Ford and the EPA's 47-mpg figure, the Fusion Hybrid is the most fun to drive and best looking hybrid under $30,000 on the road today. In fact, it starts just under $28,000 and adding technology like lane departure warning with active lane keeping steering, self parallel parking, automatic highbeams, adaptive radar cruise control and voice activated MyFord Touch with Microsoft Sync one can keep the price in the mid-$30's.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has raised the bar high and is the sort of sedan you'd be proud to own.


Smart Energy Car of the Year Runner-up: 2013 Infiniti M Hybrid

At the other end of the spectrum we have the world's fastest accelerating full hybrid — the Infiniti M Hybrid. Rather than go for all out efficiency, Infiniti kept all the parts that make a sports sedan just that, a true sports sedan.

Instead of some mushy CVT it gets a properly sorted 7-speed automatic transmission, it has rear-wheel-drive, near 50/50 weight distribution, steering is direct with a hybrid electric/hydraulic setup and it keeps a 3.5L V6 but adds a 50kW electric motor for a combined system output of 360 horsepower.

While 360hp may not sound like much, it's the 457 lb-ft of torque (40 more than the V8 powered M) that puts even most diesels to shame and 199 lb-ft of it come on instantly from the electric motor with a 0-60 time near five seconds.

All this performance comes at a cost, nearly $56,000 base and $67,000 optioned out, but with 27/32-mpg ratings this high performer keeps it's green car cred real.

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