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What’s in and what’s out in kitchen design? Experts weigh in on hottest trends

What’s in and out in kitchen design? Experts weigh in on hot trends

Hidden fridge and microwave drawer
Hidden appliances, including enclosed refrigerators and microwave drawers, help keep a clean look in the kitchen.  Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs
Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets
Designers love two-toned cabinets, such as these tuxedo uppers and downers. Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs
Shiplap Ceiling
Shiplap isn't just for walls anymore. The wood paneling can be found on ceilings and backsplashes.  Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs
Hidden fridge and microwave drawer
Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets
Shiplap Ceiling

Zillow Digs has outlined this year's trendiest kitchen designs, and, if you hurry, you just might be able to get your remodel or update done before the holidays.

The hub for home improvement released its Home Trend Forecast for 2016, proving that high-contrast colors, sneaky appliances, and decorative hardware have caught the eye of home designers everywhere. And of course, shiplap is here to stay.

Thanks to the rise of quartz, marble, butcher block, and cement countertops, home experts have been ditching brown and tan speckled granite. And these new countertops look best paired with cabinetry painted in high-contrast colors. Especially popular are tuxedo cabinets, where uppers and downers are painted in complimentary colors such as black and white or navy and gray (or maybe Gray Owl). 

Designers, and more importantly homeowners, are also jonesing for a little extra storage and one less place to dust. Short upper cabinets and that awkward gap they leave in between the ceiling have been replaced with tall uppers that sit flush with the ceiling. And bold cabinets call for statement-making hardware. Mixing jewelry-like knobs in gold, rose gold, and black offers an eclectic look.

The seemingly cold nature of stainless steel appliances have remained moderately in vogue, but the new trend of hidden appliances is gaining traction. This includes covered refrigerators and microwave drawers, giving kitchens a clean aesthetic. 

Shiplap lovers can breathe easy. The rustic wood paneling that has become synonymous with farmhouse kitchens will only become more popular. White-washed paneling has moved from the walls to backsplashes and ceilings.

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