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HTX Ready to Jingle 2012
No Little Black Dress, please

Dress for New Year's Eve: These sexy and daring looks will make you a stunning femme fatale

Say it with me, “I will not wear a black dress on New Year's Eve,” “I will not wear a black dress on New Year's Eve”…

Good, it’s out of your system. The LBD (little black dress) needs to be given a restraining order. I see them weekend after weekend, and chic and slimming as they are, they’ve grown a tad boring.

Resist the urge to wear the “sure thing” in your closet and step out of your comfort zone. Make an oath to be memorable and wear something no one else will think of this holiday season. We survived the Mayan Apocalypse, so 2013 is the year to ditch demure for dazzling.

 This year swap black for its more daring cousin: Red. 

With a bit of preplanning and insider information, CultureMap will help make your New Year's Eve Outfit the best yet. And we promise it will not cost a fortune.

Here are our tips for ringing 2013 in high cotton.

LRD: The little red dress

This year swap black for its more daring cousin: Red. Red is the most alluring color to the human eye and packs a punch while remaining elegant.

This hue is very versatile because it either says vamp or lady depending on how you style her.

Lady: Opt for a burgundy ankle skimming maxi dress paired with a gold belt, chandelier earrings, headband and a sleek bun. Think a Grecian goddess mixed with Grace Kelly.

Vamp: Sport a Ferrari red body con Herve Leger dress (knock-offs to be found everywhere) paired with leopard print pumps and gold accessories. Teased locks and red lips are a must for this look. Think Jessica Rabbit meets Sex and the City.

Your shade: Oxblood and scarlet favor more pale skin tones while ruby and tangerine will flatter those with warmer complexions. Hit up H&M for a perfect LRD.

Metallics re-imagined

Every year those who go the disco ball route with NYE fashion wear a myriad of your standard gold or silver skimpy dresses. Being sparkly doesn’t confine you to wearing the same two shades every year, mix it up!

Metallics are back in a big way. New hues to hit the runway are green, bronze and jacquard print.

 Teased locks and red lips are a must for this look. Think Jessica Rabbit meets Sex and the City. 

Fashionphobic? Metallics don’t have to be loud if you dress them down the right way.

Forever 21 has some great metallic pieces at the moment.

Menswear: A Broadway twist

Menswear has been dominating fashion for the last few years, and while a basic blazer will take you far, it’s a bit too basic for a New Year's Eve soiree. There is nothing sexier than a girl who can pull off menswear, and this outfit is a delightful combination of boyish sexiness mixed with old Hollywood.

Pair high waisted black sequin shorts with a cropped white collared shirt and suspenders. Layer underneath with garter leggings. Not only will the shorts emphasize your waist but the black and white color contrast breaks up the body creating a slenderizing effect. The suspenders create a vertical line elongating your torso while the leggings hold the illusion of thinner thighs. The leggings are a hint of sexiness that will also keep you warm.

Optional: If you’re feeling daring, wear a hat. A vintage hat screams Jane Russell in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Langford Market has a variety of these items in stock.

Faux fur

Fur was all over the runways this year and while I myself am a vegan, I was ecstatic to see its return. With the number of vintage shops littering this town there is no reason to blow hundreds of dollars on a new fur (or hurt an animal).

Hit up More Than You Can Imagine for a great used or faux piece. Many fabulous fakes are also available at H&M and Zara. A fur stole or jacket is the perfect and inexpensive way to add drama and glamor to dresses you already have in your closet.

Don’t have the money this year to splurge on a new outfit? Save your lucky pennies for a faux fur vest. It will instantly intensify any outfit. Hot colors this year for fur are: Oxblood, steel grey and white. 

Go Mad Men or film noir and pair an everyday shift dress with a waist belt and fur stole. A side part a la Veronica Lake and Betty Boop lashes will make you look every bit the femme fatale.

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