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The high-powered founders of a new magazine swoop into Houston with loads of goodies

News_Shelby_Editorialist_Stefania Allen_Kate Davidson Hudson_December 2013
Editorialist founders Stefania Allen, left, and Kate Davidson Hudson brought their shiny goods to Houston for a shopping party. Courtesy of Editorialist
News_Shelby_Editorialist_Aquazuraa shoes_December 2013
The Aquazurra high-heel is one of numerous shoes featured on the site. Courtesy of Editorialist
News_Shelby_Editorialist_David Webb Bracelet_December 2013
The David Webb chain link bracelet is one of the duo's curated finds.  Courtesy of Editorialist
news_Shelby_Editorialist_Leviev earings_December 2013
Glam earrings, these from Leviev, are part of the Editorialist shopping on line fun. Courtesy of Editorialist
News_Shelby_Editorialist_Valentino wallet_December 2013
Designer brands such as this wallet from Valentino are frequently seen in Editorialist offerings. Courtesy of Editorialist
News_Shelby_Editorialist_Stefania Allen_Kate Davidson Hudson_December 2013
News_Shelby_Editorialist_Aquazuraa shoes_December 2013
News_Shelby_Editorialist_David Webb Bracelet_December 2013
news_Shelby_Editorialist_Leviev earings_December 2013
News_Shelby_Editorialist_Valentino wallet_December 2013

It was the first pop-up party for E-commerce site Editorialist when founders Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson jetted into Houston and took over the spacious dining room of Melissa and Michael Mithoff's new River Oaks home. The fashionable duo from New York brought along some of their favorite offerings — everything from fine jewelry to exotic stilettos, from designer sunglasses to casual designer jewelry — for the exclusive shopping event.

The shoppers were clearly tempted as they scooped up jewels and shoes as if Santa had had given them carte blanche for the afternoon. Allen and Hudson, who departed Elle magazine last year to launch Editorialist, were clearly pleased with the response.

 "Luxury is about exclusivity and that is what we offer." 

As top accessories editors at the magazine, Allen and Hudson knew their stuff and the customer they were aiming for — "a fashion savvy, aspirational customer," Hudson said, "someone who is discerning and understands true luxury."

They felt there was a need for immediate access to high-quality goods and pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. "Luxury is about exclusivity and that is what we offer," she said.

When they launched last February, the editor's letter explained their concept: "We share our vision of a new editorial-meets-commerce concept that connects the dots between aspiration and access and offers a new construct for how we consume our fashion media."

"It's a fully realized magazine," Allen said, with all the same departments such as fashion, celebrities, gift guides and the like. The online magazine content is changed quarterly but the website is updated daily with new finds, street style and other elements.

The women plan to expand the site after the first of the year to the Middle East, London and Asia. With launches in those various areas of the world, they will be presenting their shopping opportunities as a means of introduction.

Houston was the first such event for the the duo. Allen, born in Argentina, was raised in Houston and has family and friends here which contributed to the afternoon's success.

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