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The fashion show with no clothes

Boobs on parade: No one cares what anyone actually wears at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

News_Victoria's Secret_fashion show_2011
It's the most wonderful time of the year. For men. And women looking for diet inspiration. Photo via

Can you really call it a "fashion show" when there's no clothing involved?

That's what the leggy, starving, expensively-clad models of Victoria's Secret have been proving every year since 1995. On Tuesday evening, the bling is back with the retailer's annual lingerie soiree.

Filmed on Nov. 9 and airing tonight, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show transfixes men everywhere with a solid hour of T&A, while women the world over cry silently into their wine glasses and vow not to eat for the next month.

Oh, right, and there will be a bevy of bejeweled bras and self-anointed angels with 35-pound wings on their bony backs.

But no one really watches for what the models actually wear on their bodies anyway.

Will you keep your self-esteem intact or will you be picking your jaw up off the floor?

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