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With a wink to the '50s, new Tiffany leather goods collection is designed to stay in style

Leather Reversible Totes
Tiffany & Co. leather reversible totes, $875. Photo courtesy of Tiffany and Co.
Richard Lambertson, John Truex
Tiffany & Co. leather designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex. Photo Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.
Vivian Clutches
Vivian clutches, $995-$1,295. Photo courtesy of Tiffany and Co.
Harriet Satchel and Sloane Top Handle
Harriet large satchel, $1,695, and Sloane twist-top handle, $1,195.  Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.
Leather Reversible Totes
Richard Lambertson, John Truex
Vivian Clutches
Harriet Satchel and Sloane Top Handle

"Tiffany is a vault of archival material," says John Truex, designer of the luxury leather accessory collection at Tiffany & Co. When it comes to their designs, Truex and partner Richard Lambertson have an endless supply of inspiration.  

Since May 2009, Lambertson and Truex have created incredible leather goods for the 175-year-old jewelry company known for its elegant jewelry and "Tiffany blue" gift boxes. Because these guys are no strangers to accessories — before Tiffany, they had their own company, Lambertson Truex, for more than 10 years — they bring a certain sensibility and exquisite taste to the line. 

 Designer John Truex calls the collection "romantic and mysterious," with leopard print on calf hair, ostrich leather, large kiss-lock clasps and warm colors. 

The fall 2012 collection, available in store and online, combines functionality with a chic "wink of the '50s," says Truex.  

"It was such a glamorous time — when ladies would go to a department store for a tuna sandwich," he says. "So chic."

For the record, I have been known to go to a department store for a tuna sandwich. But I digress.

Truex calls the Tiffany collection "romantic and mysterious," with leopard print on calf hair, ostrich leather, large kiss-lock clasps and warm colors. The bags are structural and fashion-forward, yet timeless. And, of course, there's a glimmer of Tiffany somewhere on the bag — whether it's a blue interior lining, silver clasp or jewelry-like adornment. 

Lambertson and Truex travel to Florence for inspiration, because they say the Italians carry the best handbags. And Truex believes women should have "an accessory wardrobe" with options for every ensemble. 

With their leather collection — which is more affordable than, say, Hermès and Bottega Veneta — it's certainly possible. Ladies easily could toss the Vivian clutch inside a leather reversible tote for day-to-night use. 

Perhaps more important, the bags are not meant to be disposable, meaning they should be worn now but can be put away for the spring and pulled out again next year. They are designed to stay in style.  

We are still dreaming of the textured and colorful combinations for this season but look forward to spring 2013, which will bring bright colors, clean lines and large carry-all totes.

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