Wild Beyoncé Looks

Beyoncé concert is one big fashion parade: Hot looks from Houston's hottest summer concert

Even though the Beyoncé concert was on a Monday night, her fans still used the opportunity to dress up for the occasion as it were a weekend outing. The long lines that snaked around the Toyota Center gave people watchers plenty of opportunity to scout out the latest concert fashion.

The singer's fans, predominately women between the ages of 20 and 35 who relate to her strong message of female empowerment , showed up in a variety of styles. They wore Daisy Dukes and stillettos, flowing maxi-dresses, short bandage dresses, sparkly minis and boy shorts with spangly tops. One thing there wasn't much of: Traditional denim jeans. A Beyoncé concert involves a more stylish look that that.

Photographer Chinh Phan roamed the area around the Toyota Center and snapped these looks.


Ronnie Walker, from left, Lanette Byler, Chris Lofton, McKaylie Phillips and Brenna Byler

Alex Evans, in a burgundy mini-dress and Jordan Evans, in camouflage shirt and black fingerless gloves

Kassie Ragin, left, and Allison Vasquez dressed up for the occasion.

Clarissa Johnson, left, and Amber Ray reflect some of the season's trends — stripes and shimmery orange colors.

Surraya Minhas, from left, Rivers Rice, Amanda Carpenter and Megan Coody

Taylor Leonard, left, and Taylor Perry in perfect summertime looks.

Angel Prichard, from left, Raquel Jones and Janaye Penn

Marlie Pieternelle, from left, Sydney Anderson, Logan Anderson and Morgan Robinson

Alexis Morrow, left, and Ariel Parra

Marcques Bridges, from left, Whitney Black, Natasha Hawkins and Jermaine Phillips

Vincent Ball and Kursten Bell

Denise Ross, from left, Aleen Elsaadi and Aya Elsaadi

Long lines snaked around the Toyota Center.

Shon Otteridge, from left, Talea Willingham, Ashley Small and Dee Brown

Danielle Foley, from left, Carrie Carson, Melissa Easton and Bo Boyd

Jillian "J.J." Simmons and K.G. Smooth

Amy Duffel, from left, Anna Radley, Bailey Radley, Whitney Radley and Sarah Altemus

Andre Thomas and Leah Payne