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Superman's cape: The Houston Dynamo's World Cup player designs a unique $52 T-shirt for USA fans

Brad Davis Dynamo breaking free
Dynamo Brad Davis, right, is branching out from soccer to fashion design. Photo by Michelle Watson/
Brad Davis World Cup T-shirt
Brad Davis-designed World Cup T-shirt, front view Courtesy photo
Brad Davis World Cup T-shirt back view
Brad Davis-designed World Cup T-shirt, back view with flag cape. Courtesy photo
Brad Davis Dynamo breaking free
Brad Davis World Cup T-shirt
Brad Davis World Cup T-shirt back view

Houston Dynamo captain Brad Davis is known for his prowess on the soccer field. But now the 32-year old player, who is a reserve midfielder on the U.S. World Cup team, can add fashion designer to his resume.

Davis has collaborated with Grungy Gentleman on a limited edition World Cup American Flag Cape T-shirt just in time for the action in Brazil. The shirt, which retails for $52 and is available online, is designed to resemble an American flag worn as a cape.

Just before boarding a plane in Brazil for Sunday night's monster match against Portugal in the remote Amazon city of Manaus, Davis took time out for an email conversation with CultureMap about the new T:

CultureMap: Why did you decide to create the World Cup USA T-shirt?

Brad Davis:  I thought it would be a great  opportunity for myself as an athlete to unite with my fans and represent the USA together. For me, I have always been someone who believes in strength in numbers. Together I believe we can create a strong buzz around soccer and represent our great country. 

CM: How did you come with the design?

BD:  It was a great collaboration with Grungy Gentleman. We spoke and threw around a few ideas. With the Cape T we felt the design covered all of the bases. Most of all, when you see it you know it represents the USA.

CM: Is this your first foray into designing clothes?

BD:  This is the first time I have designed a T shirt. For those that know me,  they know I love the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, the outdoor lifestyle. I have dabbled in designing some hunting and tactical gear and hopefully can continue to do so.

CM: Do you think this is a new career for you?

BD: I would love to be able to continue collaborating and designing. We will just have to see where it goes. I am still focused on being a soccer player for a bit longer. We will take it slow and see what happens.

CM: What is you prediction for the outcome of the USA-Portugal game?

BD: Nothing but a W! One Team One Nation!

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