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Well-known Houston fashion designer forced out of his shop by trendy new development, but he holds no ill will

The Influentials David Peck November 2013
Designer David Peck is on the hunt for a building to house a boutique and manufacturing space. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
Heather, David Peck, February 2013, WorkRoom
Peck produces garments ranging from children's clothes to evening gowns. Photo by Adrienne Raquel
Houston Covenant House Spring Fling May 2013 David Peck Showroom
His new boutique will include a bridal salon. Photo by David Shutts
The Influentials David Peck November 2013
Heather, David Peck, February 2013, WorkRoom
Houston Covenant House Spring Fling May 2013 David Peck Showroom

David Peck’s days in his Upper Kirby atelier and manufacturing hub are numbered, and the fashion designer is on the hunt for a space to accommodate his expanding business.

Construction of The Kirby Collection, a new mixed-use development, is systematically shutting down restaurants and bars in the immediate area, including the building housing Peck’s headquarters at 3200 Kirby Drive. While most of the tenants have already moved out, Peck’s landlord gave him until Aug. 15 to vacate.

It’s a reprieve he’s grateful for, especially as he looks for a comparable space.

“This is Houston and rental rates are through the roof. There was a place around the corner, but that’s not happening now. There are other options though,” Peck tells CultureMap.

He has some non-negotiables on his want list, including staying in the general area and the need for a two-story building. Peck will house a full retail concept on the bottom floor and apparel manufacturing on the second. It’s a departure from the current model in his chic, cozy space and a conclusion he came to because of the move.

 “It’s good because it gave me an opportunity to really evaluate what my priorities are as we move forward. Change is not a bad thing.” 

Peck’s adapting by widening his vision to include a dedicated bridal salon and a section for accessories that either he will design himself or collaborate on with other designers.

Peck's hoping for between 5,000 and 8,000 square-feet of space in the new building and plans on keeping all of the custom work and sample-making there. As his direct sales business continues to grow, Peck is planning ahead and expects to eventually move that branch of the business to another location.

Despite the upheaval, Peck is supportive of the new concept.

“It seems like they are thinking about spaces in Houston, making this pedestrian-friendly and not closed off and giving people a place to congregate but feel comfortable,” he says.

Peck promises a big bash to celebrate the opening of his new boutique space in fall. Just as soon as he finds the right space.

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