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Napoleon Perdis takes the mystery out of makeup and introduces the 12-minute red lip rule

Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis at work. Heather Staible
Napoleon Perdis
Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, $39 Courtesy of Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis
Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation, $49 Courtesy of Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis
Heather Staible
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis

Here’s a Best of Everything tip: The next time makeup artist and creator Napoleon Perdis comes to Houston, get on his schedule. His most recent appearance at Neiman Marcus drew scores of women who absolutely adored the one-on-one time he spent with every single one of them.

 “I like to give women little bite sizes of information. They can take what they want and work it into their life.”

And why shouldn’t they?

Perdis encouraged them to add color, try something new, don’t take it all too seriously and enjoy their inner and outer beauty. Not only are his products divine, but he takes his time and talks to you, not at you, when doing your makeup.

“A story is complete when you do makeup, even if it’s mascara and primer, makeup brings it all together,” Perdis says. “I like to give women little bite sizes of information. They can take what they want and work it into their life.”

From my session with Perdis, these are the products — and style tips — I found most illuminating:

Energizing Eye Masks

Where were these Energizing Eye Masks when I was in college or when I had newborns? Who am I kidding? With my crazy schedule, I need these under eye masks now.

I only had mine on for 15 minutes instead of the recommended 30 minutes and saw a dramatic difference under my eyes. A Perdis makeup artist says women will use them before an event to tighten up other areas of the face as well, so I asked him if he would make full-body size Energizing Masks. Here’s hoping the idea is in R&D. 

There is something that happens psychologically when leaving on a red lip or intense eye for 12 minutes. 

$30 for four sets

Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer

Every cosmetic line has at least one primer—I know because I have seemingly tried them all. The Auto Pilot is light on the skin, your makeup stays put and is non-irritating, to chamomile, yarrow extract and Vitamin E. It’s one of the best I have used and worth the $39.

Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation

Spray foundations always make me nervous. I feel like I will regress to my old Aqua Net days and way over spray, making me look like Tammy Faye Baker and Snookie’s love child. I did get a lesson from the Napoleon Perdis cosmetic counter and feel confident that I can operate a spray foundation because of how his spray mists on your face.

Combined with the primer, it gave me great coverage that wasn’t too heavy and it ironing out imperfections. It goes from day-to-night with ease and makes foundation a one-stop application.

$49 for 2.5 oz. spray can

The 12-Minute Rule

Not sure about that bold red lip? Perdis says leave it on for 12 minutes and then take a second look before you make your final decision on a new shade. There is something that happens psychologically when leaving on a red lip or intense eye for that length of time.

Application 101

Part of the Perdis charm, is while he works, he matter-of-factly tells you how to do the same thing on your own and I heard him answer some of the same questions many times.

It should feel like a scribble when filling in your eyebrows—and go in the opposite direction of your eyebrows to start. They look more natural that way.

Lipliner is last, if at all and use a silicone lash curler. It protects your peepers. 

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