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Roller rinks puts in a controversial dress code straight from the 1950s: Don't you dare wear booty shorts!

Roller rinks puts in a controversial dress code: Don't dare wear ....

Humble roller rink no saggy pants no booty shorts sign January 2014
Humble Family Skate Center people roller skating

A local roller rink is striking back at fashion trends that have long-baffled the American parent, low-riding pants and Daisy Dukes.

Let's begin with some history. The Humble Family Skate Center opened in the mid-1970s at the height of disco — a movement of skin-tight body suits and exposed male chests that held just as much sway over the dance floor as it did on the roller rink. To jog those memories, check out the outfit worn by Houston dance legend Patrick Swayze in the 1979 roller-disco classic Skatetown, U.S.A.

“It’s very hard to tell an adult how to dress." 

But while revealing attire was part and parcel for the disco era, the Humble skate center says that today's scantily-clad patrons have no place inside its family-friendly atmosphere. Signs on the door now read "No Saggy Pants" and "NO Booty Shorts." The No on the booty shorts decree is underlined . . . just in case, anyone gets any idea this isn't serious.

Of course, the Saggy Pants ban gets even more specific. "Put on a belt or we will give U a shoe string!!!!" the not-so-small print underneath blares. 

“It’s very hard to tell an adult  how to dress," Rachel Tate-Study, daughter of the roller rink owners, tells KHOU Ch. 11.

"At the same time we’re trying to have a nice place and you get tired of having to do that."

KHOU reporter Tiffani Craig recent visited the rink to find a sea of fully-clothed skaters and smiling parents. That said, temperatures were in the high 40s that evening . . . and it was Family Christian Skate Night.

Though Humble skaters overwhelming support the new policy, enforcing dress codes often can be tricky terrain for businesses.

Similar "no saggy pants" policies in Houston have sparked numerous allegations of racism in recent years, particularly within the nightclub scene where bouncers assess each patron before allowing entry. The Houston Independent School District has also faced questions about how school uniform policies have been implemented throughout the city.

Watch the KHOU Ch. 11 report: