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David Beckham Near Nude

David Beckham's steamy, near nude Super Bowl ad could change TV — and H&M — forever

David Beckham H&M Bodywear underwear (File photo)
The ad campaign coincides with the fifth collection of H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear line. H&M

This year’s Super Bowl to be held in New Jersey could be the coldest on record. (Super Bowl VI which was played at Tulane Stadium was 39 degrees at kickoff). Swedish retailer H&M is hoping to heat things up with a 30 second commercial that not only features super hunk and retired soccer star David Beckham without a shirt, but will also allow some viewers to purchase items from the David Beckham Bodywear collection directly from the TV.

Say hello to “t-commerce”, a new technology that takes advantage of smart TVs. Delivery Agent, a company that creates and develops apps has come up with one that will allow you to make purchases through a Shop TV shopping platform. Currently, only viewers watching the ads on a Samsung Smart TV will be able to take advantage, but expect the technology to extend to other Smart TV models soon.

 Say hello to “t-commerce”, a new technology that takes advantage of smart TVs. 

In case you’re worried about your buddy interrupting the game to buy some boxers — don’t be. A small part of the screen will present a pop-up menu while the ad runs on the larger part of the screen which will, offer product information, the ability to send that info to another device as well as the option to buy the product directly.

And, if the game gets boring, the ad will still be interactive and available for purchase to consumers who rewind back to it using their DVRs.

To make sure everyone knows to take their bathroom breaks during the game and not during the commercials, Beckham will make his first appearance at the new Times Square H&M location (where the in-store music is louder than a Seattle Seahawks home game) to promote the commercial and get you pumped up for what is sure to be another epic night of advertising and football.

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