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Houston designer Toni Whitaker stretches her feather wings at Coquette

News_Toni Whitaker_dress_Oct 2010
Toni Whitaker isn't afraid of bold colors and designs. Michelle Watson for
News_Toni Whitaker_Oct 2010
Houston designer Toni Whitaker has taken to flights of fancy with hew new feathered skirts. Photo by Michelle Watson for
News_Fashion Houston_Toni Whitaker
Toni Whitaker's fresh-from-the-runway styles are now available at Coquette Boutique. Photo by Michelle Watson/
News_Toni Whitaker_dress_Oct 2010
News_Toni Whitaker_Oct 2010
News_Fashion Houston_Toni Whitaker

Even before the New York Times declared ballet-influenced fashion was on tap for spring, local designer Toni Whitaker had already taken to flights of fancy, landing at Coquette boutique. Whitaker’s ostrich feather skirts are among the delights she is selling exclusively at the lower Westheimer shop.

Coquette owner Aries Milan and Whitaker are merging their collective taste for whimsical, forward-thinking style at the boutique with a line called Toni Whitaker for Coquette. The collaboration, born from a Fashion Houston week meeting, means shoppers will find Whitaker’s off-the-rack clothing while still ordering the custom pieces she is known for.

The women will also be collaborating on ideas together since Whitaker will be working from Coquette after closing her Rice Village store.

“Her skirts are beautiful and very fun and flattering. They are almost ballerina-type skirts and something like Lady Gaga would wear,” Milan says.

The skirts range from $495 to $600.

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