Beyoncé Returns

She's back! Beyoncé affirms Houston roots in energetic, fast-paced concert

She's back! Beyoncé affirms Houston roots in fast-paced concert

Beyonce Houston concert December 2013
Beyoncé performed before a sold-out hometown crowd. Photo by Robin Harper/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images
Beyonce Houston concert December 2013
Beyoncé lit up at stage at the Toyota Center in her second concert of the year in Houston. Photo by Robin Harper/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images
Beyonce Houston concert December 2013
Beyonce Houston concert December 2013

Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour proves that you don't need a new album in order to fill seats at concerts around the world.

Looking curvaceous and toned in a series of body-hugging costumes — that vegan diet she's on with Jay-Z must be working (although it likely negated a stop at her fave resturant Pappasito's) — the superstar singer wowed her hometown fans with an impressive two-hour show that rocked Toyota Center on Tuesday night. Backed by an 11-piece band, two singers from The Mamas, many female dancers and two male dancers called Les Twins, the exciting show included songs that spanned more than a decade. 

The singer, who has been on tour since April, made this her second stop in Houston following her sold-out date in July as part of a trek which has taken her across the U.S., Europe and Australia.

 "I grew up on McGregor, Third Ward. My church is St. John's. I grew up listening to UGK," she said. "I am a Houston girl." 

Following a brief intermission after Luke James' opening performance, the show kicked off with an enormous screen showing the coronation of "Queen Bey" dressed in Marie Antoinette regalia, a theme that was repeated throughout the concert. Gracefully emerging from a hole in the stage wearing a white leotard, the singer immediately launched into "Run the World (Girls)" and was greeted by an ecstatic hometown crowd.

After several songs featuring elaborate pyrotechnics, the singer, wearing yet another sequined leotard, emerged through golden doors onto a fiery stage and performed her 2003 hit "Naughty Girl." Joined by two singers of The Mamas, she then launched into "Party," soon to be accompanied by Vegas-style dancers brandishing huge feather fans.

"1+1" began with a lone pianist playing a grand piano, soon joined by the singer who was now sporting a near-blinding purple sequined jumpsuit. After languishing on the piano as three women played trumpet and saxophone, she hopped on a hook-like apparatus which carried her from the main stage to a smaller audience-surrounded stage at the other end of the arena. Now on the smaller stage, Beyoncé interacted with fans as she touched their hands while she called for those in certain seating sections to participate. Before performing "Love on Top," she let a young fan sing the lyrics first.

She continued with the Destiny's Child hit, "Survivor," before hopping back on the apparatus that carried her back to the main stage. After a short countdown, fans went wild when she emerged in a black and gold skirted leotard and began singing the hit "Crazy in Love." She launched into the monster hit, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", which elicited raucous applause from the crowd. While she caught her breath, many images of the signer flashed on the screen, including one of her one-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

As the end of the show neared, she honored Whitney Houston by singing lines from her song, "I Will Always Love You," before transitioning into her own hit, "Halo." After the last song, the singer proceeded to repeatedly thank the crowd and even sang "Happy Birthday" to two fans who held up signs. 

The show did not disappoint the singer's eager hometown crowd as the performance was replete with wild pyrotechnics displays, stunning choreographed dance, sparkly outfits, and even twin dancers.

During the show, the international superstar made sure to let the crowd know that although she's famous now, her roots are in Houston. "I love Houston, Texas. It don't matter where I am, I always take Houston, Texas with me," she shouted.

The singer went on further to remind fans of where she really came from. "I grew up on McGregor, Third Ward. My church is St. John's. I grew up listening to UGK," she said. "I am a Houston girl."

And that she is. She made it clear that she was beyond excited to be in Texas when she posted two photos of herself and Blue Ivy wearing a cowboy hat and a University of Texas jersey on Instagram Tuesday. Even after being propelled to superstardom, Beyoncé appreciates her heritage and made sure to show it to her hometown fans.

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