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Duck Dynasty stars descending on Houston: The whole wacky family is coming

Duck Dynasty
Six cast members of A&E's Duck Dynasty will be in Houston for the "Dynasty Forever" event at Champion Forest Baptist Church on Mar. 22. Art Streiber/A&E

Northland Christian School is bringing six cast members from A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty to Houston for a special event next spring. The event, called “Dynasty Forever,” will feature Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, his wife Korie, and their teenage children, Sadie and John Luke, as well as his brother Alan and his wife Lisa.

“The Duck Commander legacy of faith and family make the Robertsons the perfect choice for guests at our spring event,” says Dan Woods, head of Northland Christian School. “Like the Robertson family, Northland honors the unique qualities of every individual, and we strive to help all our students make the most of their particular God-given talents.”

 "Like the Robertson family, Northland honors the unique qualities of every individual." 

The event will be hosted at Champion Forest Baptist Church on Saturday, March 22 and tickets, ranging from $35 to $200, are available to the public starting this December Saturday. Attendees will get an inside glimpse into what life is like for the Robertsons and will also be able to participate in a Q&A session with all six Robertsons, hosted by attorney Mark Lanier of The Lanier Law Firm.

Funds raised from “Dynasty Forever” will primarily benefit academic development at Northland Christian School and will help Northland take key steps to improve the educational experience of its students.  

An online auction with unique event experiences, including front row seats and a souvenir photo with the Robertsons, is already open for bidding, and autographed memorabilia will open for bidding in 2014.

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