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Daddy Rose joins Heidi Montag on ABC Primetime plastic surgery special

Daddy Rose joins Heidi Montag on ABC Primetime plastic surgery special

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Dr. Franklin Rose with daughter Erica, left, and wife Cindi Photo by Bill Olive

Plastic surgery patriarch Dr. Franklin Rose is taking his cosmetic surgery know how to the tube Wednesday night during ABC's Primetime special focusing on plastic surgery. The special is titled Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?

"The statistics show ever-increasing numbers of younger patients," Rose tells CultureMap, "so while the special focuses on celebrity plastic surgery, I am interviewed on the cultural influence on younger people."

Rose was interviewed for the Primetime slot alongside two patients, the 17-year-old Tracy Karp, who received a rhinoplasty, and 19-year-old Caitlin Clemmins.

"I gave her a beautiful breast augmentation," Rose says. "We took her from an A cup to a full C cup when she was 19."

The special explores the appropriateness of young people going under the knife, but Rose argues that he only selects patients who are emotionally stable, and stand to benefit from the self-esteem boost.

Rose is no stranger to the camera — he's appeared on Dr. Phil, The Deborah Duncan Show and MTV's I Want a Famous Face. He's also the father of reality TV star/law student Erica Rose and the husband of socialite silhouette artist Cindi Rose.

The Dr. Rose feature is preceded by segments on Heidi Montag and reporting by Lisa Ling in the Primetime special. Primetime airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. A close-up segment on the 10 p.m. KTRK Ch. 13 local news will follow.

"They're hoping for a ratings smash," Rose says.

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