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Links we love today

Troma on YouTube, Nancy Drew's comeback, a new Tom Scharpling video and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Buzzfeed tells a heartwarming football story, in GIFs.

Ashlee Simpson has a comeback single, and it's... well, listen for yourself.

Your aversion to math might be an actual, physical phenomenon.

Hacker group Anonymous unhappy with Zynga's recent mass layoffs.

B-movie powerhouse Troma puts 150 films on YouTube for free.

The BBC reports that the gap between the rich and poor is at a 20-year high.

Nancy Drew makes a comeback in a new series starring the 8-year-old sleuth.

Tom Scharpling directs a new video for Ben Gibbard:

Biking through Sandy:

Ben and Kate's Nat Faxon talks Boston accents with Conan:

This Schoolhouse Rock-style song takes on the electoral process:

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