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Angelika Replacement

Sundance Cinemas offers sneak peeks at Houston's new downtown movie theater, love seats included

Angelika closing brown paper
Sundance is going into the old Angelika spot. Photo By Nic Phillips
Sundance Cinemas logo
Angelika closing brown paper

The wait for a new indie-focused movie theater downtown is almost over for those still lamenting the loss of the Angelika Film Center.

The new Robert Redford-backed Sundance Cinemas is set to open in the Angelika's old location in Bayou Place on Nov. 23, but film junkies can check it out early at a duo of grand opening events that will go to support local Houston organizations.

On Monday, Nov. 21, Sundance will host "A Celebration of the Motion Picture Arts" with the Houston Cinema Arts Society and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's film department. On Nov. 22. the theater will host an evening entitled "Celebrating our GLBT community with the Montrose Counseling Center, and Celebrating WATER, Our Most Precious Natural Resource with the Galveston Bay Foundation."

Both events begin with a 5:30 p.m. reception in the lobby that will include drinks, light bites, concessions and talks from "local and national dignitaries" before guests can head into the Sundance's refurbished theaters (think rocking love seats) to watch a film of their choice picked from the movies set to open at the theater on Nov. 23. Tickets to both events are $25, with all proceeds going to the partnering organizations.

What are you looking forward to seeing at Sundance?

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