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With Dr. Phil in his future & Bachelor Pad in the past, Kalon McMahon swears his love for Lindzi is no ruse

Kalon McMahon
Post-Pad McMahon is camped out in L.A. for a series of guest appearances and publicity events. Team KJRM

After a rather touching Bachelor Pad departure and ongoing romance with co-star Lindzi Cox, Houston reality bad boy Kalon McMahon appears to have shed the villainous reputation he earned with Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette.

McMahon told CultureMap on Wednesday that he'll be setting up shop in the Los Angeles suburb of Manhattan Beach for the next few month to handle a string of post-Pad publicity events. Plus, compared to Houston, Southern California is considerably closer to Cox's hometown of Seattle.

"We're doing the best two people can do living in different cities," he said.

"It's going to be me, the host from Millionaire Matchmaker and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld," he said about his Dr. Phil appearance. "We're asked to babysit this  group of children for a full day."

"There are lots of phone calls and online chats. The flight to Seattle's only two hours rather than the four-and-a-half-hour trip from Texas. I went up to visit right after we finished filming the show. She's was back to L.A. for the taping of the finale and before that she came down to join me for a friend of mine's wedding in Santa Barbara. It's been so cool hanging out. She's even met my brother and his wife."

As far as upcoming gigs are concerned, McMahon seemed most excited about an appearance on Dr. Phil.

"It's going to be me, the host from Millionaire Matchmaker and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. We're asked to babysit this group of children for a full day and, let's be honest, this isn't exactly the most kid-friendly bunch of adults. At the end of the whole thing, the kids are going to vote for their favorite sitter."

As we saw during his stint on Bachelor Pad, it's all about tactics. "I already have a plan — make the kids laugh. I have a pretty serious Peter Pan syndrome myself, so I'm hoping it won't be too hard."

While McMahon continues to donate his time to the L.A. homeless dog charity Givebones, he said he'll be returning to Houston in November to sponsor an auction event for area nonprofit Citizens for Animal Protection (CAPS). His contribution? An afternoon date to the Inn at Dos Brisas . . . by helicopter.

"I've been finding that my demographic is split between 14-year-old girls and women in their 40s, which could mean an awkward date," he laughed, joking that he may have to plant Cox in the audience. "Hey, it's all for a good cause."

Bachelor future?

"The things that came out during the taping of the finale were amazing," McMahon said about the final Bachelor Pad episode, which was recorded Sunday and will air Sept. 10. "I hope a lot of it ends up in the show, because, I'm telling you, this stuff was pretty juicy."

After the show, he said he's taking a bit of break. "No more reality TV for me for a while, at least not with the Bachelor franchise. I'm happy I did it and I definitely landed in a good place. Even if I didn't win the money, I ended up meeting Lindzi, which is even better."

Meanwhile, the nonstop rumor mill that surrounds all things Bachelor is churning out fresh unsubstantiated dirt. While he offers nary a detail aside from an anonymous email, infamous TV insider Reality Steve claims the Kalon-Lindzi romance is a ruse, carefully crafted from romantic tweets and Instragram pictures.

One gets the impression that Reality Steve's not much of a romantic, though.


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