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Perry's Magical Memes

Photoshop frenzy: Rick Perry's mugshot inspires magical memes

Rick Perry mugshot
The OG mugshot. Courtesy of KVUE

The Internet can be such a dark, sad place. But it can also turn, say, a really good mugshot of Governor Rick Perry into a magical meme. Mere minutes after the image was released to the public on Tuesday, the Internet went to work. We've chronicled the fun below. 

The original — The don't call him Governor Goodhair for nothing. Look at those tresses — so full!

The moment we all knew was coming — If we're honest with ourselves, most of us were excited not because the governor of Texas and a presumed presidential candidate was getting his mugshot taken, but because in our hearts we knew this meant at least 24 hours of uninterrupted meme-making.

Then things got meta (and super meta) — First the Statesman released a photo of Perry getting his photo taken.

And the super meme was launched — Meme inside a meme inside a meme ...

The meme then moved from Photoshop to artistic renditions — Artist Dan Lacey stayed up all night to paint pancakes on Perry's head.

Then journalist Benjy Sarlin had to go and do this.

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