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Fiona Apple still blows away Lana Del Rey and other overpackaged stars: Feelings are back for fall

Editor's Note: As part of CultureMap's State of the Arts series, we are highlighting upcoming fall arts events you won't want to miss.

There have been approximately 3,728 moody chanteuses playing the piano to hit the music scene since Fiona Apple's last album was released in 2005. So when Apple showed up at South by Southwest earlier this year for a couple of shows, the rapturous response to her raw, minimalist yet playful new songs from The Idler Wheel... was truly unexpected.

It seems that in an era of super-packaged and super-produced music (don't worry, Lana Del Rey, I still love you) fans can still be blown away by Apple's "quivery manic incandescence."

When Apple announced her 2012 tour dates, she scheduled a return to Austin but no appearance in Houston. Mercifully, that's been amended with a show now set for Sept. 21 at Bayou Music Center.

It's far from the kind of intimate space that befits Apple's confessional style, but when the only things in the room are Apple, her piano, a clattering percussionist and a couple of thousand rapturous fans, nothing else really matters.

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