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A hairy situation

Not even a bad hair day can stop Beyoncé after concert mishap

Beyonce in shadow with hair flying
Beyonce's wild mane got caught by a fan during her Monday night Montreal show. Nick Farrell Photography/

Everyone wants to have Beyonce's beautiful tresses and on Monday night a revved-up fan — the whirling kind — almost got them.

Electric fans are positioned around the stage to make sure that the singer's wild mane of hair blows in the breeze during the performance. But while singing the closing number, "Halo," at the concert in Montreal, her latest stop on The Mrs. Carter Show world tour, she got too close and her hair got caught in one of the fans.

Crew members rushed out to cut the singer free as she continued without missing a beat. (Nothing seems to faze our Bey.) After several attempts to to release the fan's grasp on her curls, a pair of scissors did the trick.  

Despite the embarrassing moment on stage, the Houston native was able to make fun of herself. She penned a ballad after to show to the tune of "Halo" and posted a picture of it to Instagram. 

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