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Cancer-preventing farts, bizarre World Cup moments, Weird Al's "Happy" parody

Rihanna flashes World Cup fans.
Rihanna gave World Cup fans a PG-13 flash.
Teen metal band Unlocking The Truth
Unlocking The Truth is not your average kid band. Photo via Gawker
Creative mirror selfies
Mirror selfies like you've never seen before.

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. World's most brutal tweenage metal band gets $1.8 million record deal. Unlocking The Truth is not your typical kid band, and that's why it's getting attention from major players in the music industry. But even these ultra-talented kids confess they've been bullied for being different. Their new million-dollar record deal should be of some comfort. 

2. Scientists say smelling farts might prevent cancer. This isn't so much a link we love as it is a link we question in a comical way. At least now we can find a silver lining in even the smelliest of situations. 

3. The most bizarre moments of the World Cup. The World Cup is over, and the global soccer withdrawals have now begun. CNN looks back at the weirdest events from the World Cup, including the time Rihanna flashed the stadium in Brazil. 

4. Super-duper-moon expected in August. The first super moon of 2014 transfixed star gazers across the globe, and those in Texas got a special meteor show to boot. But astronomers say the best is yet to come. 

5. This girl's illustrated mirror selfies are upping the Instagram game. Duck face and surprise selfies are so yesterday. The new photo du jour is an elaborate mirror selfie that transports viewers to another world. Time to dust off those dry erase markers and get busy. 

6. Weird Al enlists Jack Black for parody video of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' song. It's called "Tacky," and it features a smattering of celebrities clad in obnoxious clothing. The lyrics describe tacky choices such as YOLO license plates and bedazzled crocs.

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