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Can you rent an entire country? Snoop Dogg can

Can you rent an entire country? Snoop Dogg can

Congratulations, Liechtenstein! The tiny principality between Switzerland and Austria, population 35,000, is generally known for its secrecy — as one of the most private and secure tax havens in the world — and its scenery, replete in breathtaking Alpine views. And now perhaps for one more thing: For being the country that Snoop Dogg almost rented.

Snoop Dogg's plan was to make the entire 61.7 miles of Liechtenstein the location for an upcoming music video. And when the deal fell through, according to insiders, it wasn't because Liechtenstein isn't for rent — it was because Snoop's management didn't give the country "adequate time."

"We've had requests for palaces and villages but never one to hire the whole country before," local property lease agent Karl Schwaerzler told London's Daily Mail. "It would have been possible."

Frankly, we hope the Liechtenstein drama doesn't stop Snoop from shooting in Western Europe. We'd love to see the video vixens dropping it low in dirndls, pimp cups holding court with garden gnomes and Snoop's lyrical interpretation of legal pot straight from Amsterdam. ("Pass the Dutchie," anyone??)

So Snoop, don't let Liechtenstein get you down. For partying like it's 1799, there's always Luxembourg, Andorra, San Marino ...

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