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Amanda Bynes makes Miley Cyrus seem normal: Tweeting at Obama to fire a pesky DUI cop

Amanda Bynes, mug shot, arrested
Amanda Bynes pink hair in her DUI arrest mugshot from April 6. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office
Amanda Bynes, tweet, Obama

When it comes to child stars currently navigating the rough roads of adulthood, it's been a quiet year.

Lindsay Lohan seems to have gotten her act together post jail and now she's looking pretty good as Elizabeth Taylor. Miley Cyrus has put down the salvia bong and the penis cake and announced she's engaged to her long-term boyfriend — how decidedly normal of her.

Bynes is firing back against the charges, reaching out to — of course! — the president of the United States via Twitter. 

Luckily there's Amanda Bynes. Despite being relatively unknown outside her fan base — former Nickelodeon-addicted tweens who remember her sketch comedy show and stoners who appreciate the surprisingly broad physical humor of her coming-of-age movies — Bynes has already got her spiraling starlet credentials in order.

Like Lohan before her, Bynes is the celebrity most in need of a hired driver. She was busted for a DUI in April for hitting a police car while trying to pass it, refused to submit to a blood test and was arrested, leading to a memorable pink-haired mug shot.

She's had several other vehicular issues this year, including driving away as a cop wrote her a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving, leaving the scene of an accident after she side-swiped another car, and has been photographed texting while driving into a curb and holding up traffic while trying to complete a three-point turn on Los Angeles' busy Robertson Blvd.

Bynes was officially charged with a DUI on Tuesday and she plead not guilty in her arraignment in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. She is firing back against the charges too, reaching out to — of course! — the president of the United States via Twitter.

Hey @BarackObama... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

Hey, at least she was polite. Sounds like Bynes is sticking by her claims that she was not drunk at the time of the accident. If that doesn't work, her lawyer could always argue that her hair constantly hanging in her face blocks her peripheral vision.

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