Summer Fest's Arresting Moments

Summer Fest's most arresting moments: Crazy times, insane mud fields and battling rappers leave a mark

Where do we even begin. Free Press Summer Fest brought 97 music acts, 33 food vendors, six planets (stages) and nearly 100,000 wristbands scanned (twice) all in less than 48 hours.

Although Summer Fest got interrupted by a downpour and temporary evacuation, the rain couldn't keep the crowds away. Fans bunched together like thousands of sardines to support their favorite crowd-surfing stars and stacked on one another's shoulders for the best views.

With one Snapchat story worthy moment after the next, this festival was the real official start to summer in Houston.

Concert-goers entered the grounds fashionably — and squeaky clean — before making it down to the muddy venues.

Emily Nip was happy to have her vintage continental fanny pack for a convenient pop of color.

Jovi Marquez, left, says she got the inspiration for her flower headband from seeing their popularity at Coachella. Marquez and her friend Jessica Wheeler cooled down in the Fancy Pants tent.

Tim stood out from the crowd in his psychedelic outfit that he found on Etsy.

As did Tyler Anderson in this prideful getup.

But as well-put together as many outfits were, nothing was mud proof once you made it to any of the six stages named after planets.

Rickilee Mercer, left, and Jordan Newman came prepared in their Hunter Rain Boots.

Wellies also did the trick.

Others relied on the water spouts to rinse off.

Kandace Tran and Anthony Truong avoided the wacky weather all together to rest in one of many Fancy Pants Tents.

Despite delays, acts were back on early Saturday afternoon. One of the hottest concerts was the Welcome to Houston showcase that featured a number of the most influential rappers in H-Town history. Including . . .

long time favorite Bun B and . . .

. . . one of New York Time's most underrated rappers Z-Ro.

Devin the Dude entertained the crowd with his remote control helicopter when he wasn't rapping.

Chart tapper Paul Wall also upped the star power.

On Saturday night, Vampire Weekend drew tens of thousands for its performance.

Lauryn Hill was a fan favorite the next afternoon with not only her impeccable vocals but her eclectic outfit as well.

Hill's backup singers were also working it in the heat.

Shakey Graves drew quite the crowd for being on one of the smaller stages.

Fans were mesmerized by the acts, making the long waits to be in the front of the crowd worth it.

It all came to a close with the Sunday finales — including Jack White's performance.

Until next year, Houston.