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Best Texas treehouse, panda nanny needed, Michael Jackson reincarnated

An animal sanctuary in China is hiring panda nannies.
Dad lip syncs in car
Jesse Lozano lip-syncing with his daughter is adorable.

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. The world's best job is hiring: panda nanny. If you've been feeling like it's time to make a career change, then this new posting will likely push you right into the job-seeker pool. China's Giant Panda Protection Center needs nannies willing to spend a year with pandas "sharing in their joys and sorrows."

2. Father-daughter lip-dub to Iggy Azalea is totally adorable. Cool dad Jesse Lozano doesn't just sing along to songs in the car; he does full-scale lip-dub YouTube productions, complete with props. It probably doesn't hurt that he's also a popular radio morning-show host in California.

3. Time-lapse supercell video will strike the fear of Mother Nature into you. When you aren't caught in the middle of them, thunderstorms and natural disasters are frighteningly beautiful. Storm chaser/photographer Stephen Locke has created a jaw-dropping, three-minute time-lapse video of a May supercell in Kansas that will blow your mind.

4. Take a look inside a tricked-out tree house in Texas. When you think tree house, you probably don't picture running water and a wine cooler. But Bobby Page turned his tree house into a man cave, complete with alcohol storage and a smoker.

5. High schooler dancing to 'Bille Jean' might be reincarnation of Michael Jackson. Yes, the hologram was pretty dang cool. But it pales in comparison to the flesh-and-blood talent of 17-year-old Brett Nichols. The teen's fancy footwork is the spitting image of the King of Pop himself. (Nichols' performance starts at the 1:16 mark of the video.)

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